Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maine Maritime Alumni- Show Your Support for Capt Wade!

Maine Maritime Academy training ship Captain Larry Wade is currently in recovery after suffering a stroke. His condition is improving and hopefully he will be able to return to his work at the academy.

I was contacted today by Jaime Sarna, please read her message below:
Message from Jaime Sarna, Propeller Club, Ports of Searsport/Bucksport

Dear Casey- can you spread the word? We'd like to get enough hats so that Larry can wear a different one every day until he's back on the ship, and know we all care!

"Larry Wade, Captain of the "State of Maine," Maine Maritime's training ship, had to leave the vessel in Italy due to medical issues. More information can be found at and at, where his family is keeping a journal, updated daily, with Captain Wade's medical reports. The Propeller Club, Ports of Searsport and Bucksport, is devoting our June meeting to recording video notes and assembling a package of letters, small gifts and photos to send to Larry Wade. The meeting, June 21 at the Chowder House in Belfast, is open to all, reservations required. Call Miss Betty at 338-3000 to make reservations.If you'd like to send along a memento, please post it to: Propeller Club, c/o Sarna, PO Box 106, Penobscot, Maine 04476. We're suggesting ball caps with logos reflecting your maritime involvements, photos of yourself with your family or on ships, and notes of encouragement. Anything else you'd like to send would be appreciated, too. Call Port President Jamie Sarna at 326-9039 for more information.

Propellar Club c/o Jamie Sarna Address: P O Box 106 Penobscot, Maine 04476

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