Monday, June 18, 2007

Capt. Wade Update and Rose Festival Photos

I have been neglecting my blog for a few days so I wanted to post a few things really quick- things that I have been meaning to put up. First is an update on Capt. Larry Wade from the Maine Maritime Training vessel- I looked up his get well site and he is now up and about and posting on the website himself! That is most excellent. It turns out that it was not a stroke! I think that that is a serious blessing. I have known a few people whose parents suffered a stroke and it is very awful- often causing long term damage.

I imagine Captain Wade is counting his blessings! About 10,000 of them so far, which for a website that has been up for just a few days is amazing!

Get well soon Cap!

Next, I wanted to post on the Portland Rose Festival. It has been over for a while but I never posted my pictures like I said I would so, here are a few.

Stern Wheeler, Aft end of the Henry Blake....

The Coasties on Patrol...

The wildest boat in town- A sweet viking ship ride
I won't even bother posting the Canadian Navy. They would feel so emasculated compared to our buoy tender the Henry Blake. I almost felt bad for them docking next to our Navy ships.

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