Friday, December 7, 2007

Job Postings on Maritimelinks Blog

Hey all,

Soon you will notice that the old website is going away- and all will be done here now. I liked the web page- but it didn't make much sense anymore. I can do everything here on this page and it is much less complicated than jumping around from here to there.

I am hoping that you will stick with us and keep coming around. We will still offer some services for those businesses who are interested. I can still run advertisements. My favorite thing here is the job postings- because we all like to see new job listings.

I have reduced my price to $10 for a 30 day job advertisement- so please- any interested companies- give it a shot. Our job page is powered by Simplyhired - a national job website. Not only will your ad appear on my page- but also on the national pages! Not a bad deal.

I hope you will patronize my page by posting a job ad!

Oh- and Happy Thanksgiving (belated)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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