Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TWIC Cards, Illegal Immigration, and Port Security

Transportation Worker Identification Cards that are soon to be standard issue for all workers in the transportation industry will soon be a reality. If some wicked forces in congress have their way 20 million illegal aliens being made 'legal' will become a reality as well. What does this mean for the maritime industry?

Terrorists have been sneaking across the canadian and mexican borders, this is a fact though the numbers are not known. Unless these aliens are caught between now and then for terrorist acts, they will be made 'legal' if the congress passes through their new illegal immigration bill. So these terrorists will then be eligible to get TWIC cards. The TWIC cards will give them access to our port facilities and the ships entering and departing the US. If security is not amped up in our ports, things will get very ugly- the jihad will be in our home ports before you know it.

The government is going to have a hard time tracking the terrorists if they allow this to happen- they are not going to require that these people have any real form of identification until they register for their 'citizenship' (thier reward for breaking our laws). There will be no way to determine the country of origin- so Al Queida will have people posing as mexican nationals here in the US- forming terror cells that will ruin us. The government got lucky in stopping the Ft. Dix six but I think that Al Queida will have much more deadly operatives that will run ships into bridges, suicide bombers driving super tankers. The muslim world has their own maritime academies and they send quite a few of their students to our state maritime academies as well. There is a bigger picture here besides the argument that immigration will hurt taxpayers. This immigration bill may kill taxpayers, lots of them. I can already see the writing on the wall and it is screaming "Allah Akbar!"

Keep a close eye on what is happening around you. Be vigilent. Be Safe. Don't let the tolerance police keep you quiet.


Anonymous said...

TWIC will be hell on the maritime workforce.

Security is a definite concern- are they just going to hand these things out to terrorists? How will they know who is a 'good guy'?

Vic Tufts said...

Twic Made Easy

A new solution to the Pre-enrollment problems is TwicMadeEasy.com a service of Marine Documents, LLC.

We have created a very effecient system to have you pre-enrolled in under fifteen minutes, including confirming your appointment via email to me.

Our new TwicMadeEasy.com service is available to anyone needing a twic card. Visitors to our web-site are asked to call our toll-free number to speak wih an enrollment expert. WE conduct a private interview to gather the same inforamtion for the TWIC Card.

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Marine Doucments, LLC is a new partnership between a Senior Merchant Marine VLCC Captain and a Retired Coast Guard Training Specialist who heard the complaints about the TWIC sytem and created a strong solution for their fellow workers.

Anonymous said...

vic tufts said:

"We have created a very effecient system to have you pre-enrolled in under fifteen minutes, including confirming your appointment via email to me."

You do not need to pay these two hucksters for something that you can do yourself.

If "Vic" had retired an Admiral, he'd be like retired USCG Admiral Loy, sitting on the Board of Lockheed Martin,(which is the company that you'll be paying for your TWIC card).

Since he didn't retire as an Admiral, "Vic" and his sidekick have to settle for the scraps from the table.

It's parasites like these two who have foisted this BULLSHIT card on all of us mariners.

Let them peddle their "services" to Al-Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

hey ---
how about a big 666 tattoo
across the old forehead?
maybe shoot a tracking chip into
the neck while they're at it.
hell even burn an oil company
logo on yer ass with a branding
iron. dont think thats next?
think again ! wake up watch
zeitgeist the movie

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