Saturday, May 26, 2007

Post Intelligencer on Maritime Pollution

Here is an article from the Seattle P.I. (Post Intelligencer- Where the heck did they come up with that name?) as recently come up with a report on the maritime industry and points the finger at them for being a major polluter. Article Link Here

They even posted this nifty chart in their paper showing wonderful things like "particulate matter" and "Green house gasses".

What they really fail to do is tell the impact that fixing this problem is going to cost us as a society. Not to mention how it will impact the workers- because the CEOs aren't going to feel it- it is going to put a halt on any wage increases we may have been hoping for in order to put new "hybridized" engines and such into all of our ships. But I can guarantee you that they won't impose this ridiculous garbage on the foriegners.

And this is where I take issue- the 'environmental industry' is taking first place in the media these days but they don't put food on anyone's table. They keep the liberal environmentalists nests feathered while trying to hurt so-called 'big business'.

They don't understand that some of these regulations that they want to impose across the board on emissions will effect the small business owners as well- because many of the tug and barge outfits on the rivers and harbors of the west coast are small businesses. Some parts of the maritime industry have already begun to dwindle in the Pacific Northwest because of an unfriendly business climate.

I don't want to come off as anti-environment because that is just stupid. I am actually very green in my personal life, but when you want to change an industry that is essential to the nations economy you cannot expect change to come easily or without a fight. You won't see me supporting any legislation for changing the industry- not until I know it won't damage our nations infrastructure and supply chain-- and I don't want it to harm the workforce.

I get nervous when I see these 'studies' because I can see what is coming our way, so prepare yourself for a fight because this is where we are headed. Perhaps we should launch a study on Al Gore's mansion and his private jet emissions and see what his carbon footprint is.



The affects of greenhouse gas ozone, which has been increasing near Earth's surface since 1850, could seriously cut into crop yields and spur global warming this century, scientists reported on Wednesday. For more information about Effects & Causes Of Global Warming

Anonymous said...

There is no scientific consensus on global warming or the human CO2 production causing global warming. If anything a shift in the planet's alignment would be a likely culprit for temperature change- even 1degree shift in the axis could have extreme effects. There have been measurable changes in the earth's tilt and this has rarely been explored because it is not politicised the way that CO2/ greenhouse gasses are.

How ignorant of man... to think that we could truly have an effect on something eternal. This world allows us to stay only as long as the gods hold us in favor.

I would just as soon beleive that God is causing global warming because of all the liberal propganda throwing us into a hell of our own creation.... maybe he will choose to wipe us out.

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