Saturday, April 14, 2007

SeaStories: Share Your Stories With Us!

Hello Everyone! is holding a writing contest. The prize is going to be determined soon- it will be a maritime artifact of some value, something that most mariners would enjoy owning.

The contest is simple. I want people to write their best sea stories and post them here in the sea stories discussion group. I will review the stories and then I will post finalists on the website along with a web poll that people can cast a vote for the best story written. At the end of the year I will select a winner from the writers and they will be awarded the prize for best Sea Story Writer.

I think that some of the most interesting stories come from people in our industry and people all over the world will want to read these. So please write in and share your favorite experience out on the water- this can be anything from a fishing boat to a supertanker running aground, we are open to any story as long as it is original.

The Rules:

No Plagiarism- copying other peoples work is illegal and we are looking for originals! Don't be too foul.

Keep the language as clean as possible.

I recommend writing this up in a word processor and pasting it in here (or emailing it to us)- this will allow you to spell check it. Spelling and grammar isn't graded, but if you want to be the best you might want to make the effort to check it.

Please come back often! Comment on new stories by others and share in their experiences!



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