Wednesday, March 28, 2007

British Sailors Captured and No Action Taken

England was once THE greatest military power in the world, and they certainly have the capabilities to fight a large scale conflict. However, watching the news and seeing the capture of British sailors by the Iranians and the lack of response from the English government, you really have to wonder what has happened to this country. The leaders in the British Isles have done nothing, planned nothing- when they could destroy half of Iran with the push of a few buttons. Has the socialist phony Tony Blair totally lost his balls? How can he even call himself a man? The president of Iran should have a tactical nuke dropped on his home at night- yet Blair does nothing. This will only embolden the nutcases in the Middle East.

Now Iran is negotiating the release of their prisoners being held in the U.K. for the British sailors. Will they negotiate with the terrorist lunatics?

What does this have to do with the Merchant Marine you might think? Well, historically the strength of a nation’s Navy is generally a measure of that nation’s power. Navies were created to safeguard our interests abroad. This includes merchant fleets and it affects us greatly. If the Brits are neglecting their Navy personnel what will happen when the Iranians capture merchant vessels?

We have another Hitler emerging and no one wants to say it. Everyone is being politically correct so that we don’t offend the Muslims. Our reaction should be stronger- the west should lash out and show these jackals what we can do. This goes for England and the U.S. because America must defend its allies as well.

So when your merchant vessel is captured- thank your government for strengthening the resolve of our bitter enemies- the evil rotten dictators in the desert. So write your parliament (or congressmen) and tell them to stand up to these schoolyard bullies. I say nuke them and be done with it. Between the U.S. and U.K. we should be able to get rid of this threat- U.N. rules be damned.


Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

you are a crazy man!! I like it, lets nuke the bastards!!

Anonymous said...

I agree- send them to allah to get those 72 virgins in hell!! Why should we pander to these a-holes?

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