Friday, February 22, 2008

Tribute to Captain Al Brown, Professor Maine Maritime Academy


I wanted to apologize to the readers for my LONG absence. I have been in graduate school when not working. I plan on having a good career ashore one day- it is a long hard road- but the payoff will be great.

Next and most importantly:
I should have written this a while ago. I heard through the grapevine from friends that a Captain that taught at Maine Maritime had passed away. Anyone who was in the Nautical Science/ Marine Transportation program for the past decade or two would remember Captain Al Brown. I was very sad to hear of Capt. Brown's death. He was the reason that I am a safe mariner- his words were always on my mind. This man was the best teacher in the nautical field I have ever run across.

Captain Brown was tough. I mean tear your hair out- tough. I remember being a sophomore and having to memorize the rules of the road. Not just the rule- but each section word for word. I remember how shocked I was that this man could recite this book cover to cover without cracking it open. I was always very impressed with his dedication to the art of the sea and to his students. he truly cared about our safety.

Captain Brown will be fondly remembered by many alumni from Maine Maritime- and those who attended post- grad training at the academy. He was always willing to take extra time to help if you didn't 'get it' or just needed to talk to someone. He always had a good sense of humor-- And I will never forget my freshman year cruise when we pulled back into Castine. Captain Brown sauntered down the gangway and jumped in a limosine. Not only was he a great teacher- but the man had style and class.

My best wishes to the family and friends he has left behind. Al Brown will be missed by many.


john said...

Good luck with the master's classes, it's a hard road but worth the time.

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