Thursday, August 9, 2007

Get ready for some Lobsta bub!

Yeap... Discovery Channel has done it again. They had a hit with The Deadliest Catch... so now they are going to put the lobstermen on TV. It is only fair right? Well, I personally am sitting here watching this show right now and I have gotta say- this ain't entertainment.

Then again, I didn't see the appeal of Deadliest Catch either. One thing they fail to mention on these shows is that there are other mariners out there that have to put up with all these wingnut fishermen. Talk about a dangerous job! Throw in the sail boaters that are drunk and sleeping in their cabins and you've got yerself some fun mid-watches.

I went to Maine Maritime, so I had friends who were into the lobstering work during breaks from school. I believe I have a classmate or two that might be running their own boats. I just don't think that this makes for good TV. If you have watched TV in the last couple of years though, you may have noticed that there are a lot of copy cat shows of other shows that probably shouldn't be on the air anyways.

Take a good look at the Discovery Channel Network... you have Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and Discovery Health. These channels all offer a wide range of mind numbing drivel- such as What not to Wear (My wife has this on from time to time), Flip that House, House Hunters, and just about anything else that can get them promo bucks from Home Depot.

So before you get caught up in watching this new Lobstering show... remember what you are really watching. Deadliest Catch 2. Just more garbage in the TV wasteland.

Oh, and if you didn't hear already- the TV show Man vs Wild- the host, who is supposed to be a real tough-guy suvivalist was reported to have been staying in cushy hotels during the tapings- his crew had rigged many of the survival 'tricks' to make them easier for him to handle.


John said...

"make for an interesting mid watch" ... ohhh yeah

Anonymous said...

Oh boy oh boy.... Lobster fishing. That is about as exciting as cow herding, grass cutting, or most of the other crap that is playing on the discovery channel these days. What exactly are we supposed to be discovering anyway-- how TV executives make poor programming decisions?

You can bet that I will not be watching this show. I watch deadliest catch once. There was a reason I only watched that once.

Hey- I know- why don't they come watch me move bunker barges?

Anonymous said...

Fuck that....
Lobster boats on TV? You gotta be kinding me.

People really have nolives

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