Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ship Aground, Leaking Oil- Crew Rescue by Helicopter

This is Some YouTube Coverage of the vessel aground in Newcastle

--Thousands of people are lining Newcastle’s beaches in driving rain and gale-force winds as rescue helicopters attempt to retrieve the Filipino crew of a coal freighter which has run aground in heavy seas.
The ‘Pasher Bulker’ had 22 crew members on board when it ran aground in wild surf off Nobbys Beach this morning after getting into trouble near the extrance to Newcastle Harbour. ABC News--

Rescue is always the top priority and then trying to clean up the wreckage. The weather is certainly posing a problem in this case and will play a major roll in the success of the clean up of this unfortunate accident. Here is some more footage of the ship as helicopters try to rescue the ships crewmen.

There are some other videos circulating around YouTube and Google video- I would give it a look. You can see the crew safe now and the ship hard aground. It is pretty chaotic and I hope that the environmental impact can be minimized.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Crap that is crazy! I heard there was like 700 tons of oil in the water!

I hope that is salvagable!!

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