Monday, June 25, 2007

Pasha Bulker Transformer

Pasha Bulker Transformer? Thats one way to get her off the beach!
Transformer Mania is setting in folks- this is a pretty awesome example of creative fan art. I was really surprised to see the ship get up and run away!
Take a Look!

Anyone Find Anything Better or Funnier Than This? Let me know if you do!

Also, I have been meaning to post this video, although I am sure that most people have already seen it on YouTube- this was an accident from quite a while ago- and I didn't even remember hearing about it. I must've been out to sea when this went down or something (or just spaced out as usual). This video is NOT funny.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that!
That ship is messed up. I wonder if they survived? It looks like someon knew what was happening. I would hate to be on the bridge during that

Rob said...

The transformers are awesome! That is some really cool fan art. I'll bet that takes some time to create.

I don't remember there being any ships or boats that were transformers- but that would makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The windoc accident was because of the bridge operator- probably drunk, but I can't remember- it was a while ago.

It is funny how much old stuff you can find just getting posted on YouTube.

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